XLVets Farm provides compassionate and caring service to dairy and beef farmers across Canada.

XLVets Farm

Building off our long-standing expertise in medicine and surgical capabilities, XLVets Farm provides large animal vets with the tools needed to offer the consistency and professionalism that farm clients have grown to expect. Through XLVets, Canadian producers will have access to many of the unique national initiatives the group develops; from health management and disease prevention, through to analytical services, which includes working with Proventus to improve on-farm advice for Canadian producers. Member practices within XLVets Farm work together to solve problems and take preventative measures for the future, working to ensure farmers are receiving the highest standards of veterinary care.

XLVets Canada are key service providers to Proventus Agri Solutions.

XLVets Farm is focused on improving veterinary standards across Canada. XLVets is part owner and service provider to Proventus- a farmer owned, agri-business consultancy company.

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